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Water Shows The Hidden Heart
Paperwork 2009

This is Roma Ryan's 158 page hardcover book published by Valley-dwellers soon after the release of Amarantine. It was inspired by Roma's creation of the Loxian language used in three of the album's songs, and gives background to the Loxian people. Information: Author: Roma Ryan Editor: Ebony Ryan Front cover photography: Persia Ryan Photograph of Enya: Simon Fowler Jacket Design: Origin Design Typeset: Origin Design


2005 MPG Books Ltd. ISBN 0-9552011-0-1 (Book)
Online stores often showsan unreleased cover version.
2005 MPG Books Ltd. ISBN 0-9552011-1-X (Book)
The Amarantine Deluxe Collector's Edition has a 148 page version of the book, with color illustrations.