The Enya Discography Editor

The Frog Prince
Soundtrack 2009

This soundtrack album features music for the film The Frog Prince. Tracks 3 (K.Weill), 4 (G.Becaud), 11 Pinkard/Bernie/Casey), 12 (Gorrel/Carmichael), and 15 (Dumont/Vautarire) are written and performed by other artists. The remaining tracks are all composed by Enya but, with two exceptions, are arranged and performed by others. The exceptions, neither of which is used in the film, are The Frog Prince (Enya/Ryan) and Dreams (Enya/McGettigan) which are arranged by Enya and Nicky Ryan, and performed by Enya. These two songs were also produced by Nicky Ryan, all other tracks were produced by Richard Myhill.


1995 Spectrum Music 551099-2 (Compact Disc)


1995 Spectrum Music 551099-2 (Compact Disc)
Marketed by Polygram.


1985 Island Visual Arts ISTA 10 (12" Vinyl)
1985 Island Visual Arts ICTA (Cassette)
1999 Spectrum Music 551099-2 (Compact Disc)
Reissue with different covers.