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Themes from Calmi Cuori Appassionati
Soundtrack 2009

Seven Enya tracks appear in the Japanese film Reisei To Jyonetsu No Aida (Calmi Cuori Appassionati), which is based on a novel by Tsuji Hitonari and Ekuni Kaori. The English translation of the title is Between Calmness and Passion. Included are portions of track numbers 2, 7, 3, 9, 5 and 6, in that order; and all of number 1 during the closing credits. No previously unreleased material is featured. With a booklet containing the lyrics in English and Japanese.


2001 Warner WPCR-1106 (Compact Disc)
The first pressing includes a picture postcard with the album cover on the front and details of the film on the back. Three OBI versions known, the third version is only different at the back and comes with a paper box.
2003 Warner WPCR-22005 (Compact Disc)
Identical to the release from 2001, limited edition with a lower price than usual.
2001 Warner WPCR-11006 Promotional (Compact Disc)
Commercial issue with cover sticker.
2001 Warner WEA Promotional (Compact Disc)
In slimline case.
2002 Pony Canon Inc. PCBE (DVD-Video)
The movie was released in three different versions on DVD (all NTSC region code 2). A simple DVD release (50313), a special boxed release (50311, called "Rosso"), includes an "Italia Walker" for Firenze and Milano (commercials for clothing, foods and so on), and finally a 2 dsic set (50312, called "Blue"), including s "Special Disc".