The Enya Discography Editor

A Box Of Dreams
Collection 1997

A Box of Dreams is a limited edition boxed set containing three CDs and an illustrated booklet. The CDs are titled Oceans, Clouds and Stars, and they cover Enya's career from her 1987 debut album Enya through the 1997 compilation album Paint the Sky with Stars. There is no previously unreleased material in the set.


1997 Warner 3984-21333-2 (Compact Disc)
The individual CDs all have the same number 3984-21333-2 as the box.
1997 Warner 3984-21333-2 Promotional (Compact Disc)
Identical to the commercial release with a sticker on the back: PROMOTIONAL COPY ONLY NOT FOR RESALE.


1997 Warner WPCR-1802/3/4 (Compact Disc)
This is the German manufactured issue shrink wrapped with an additional booklet. The Japanese catalogue number is attached on a sticker, and the booklet contains the original lyrics with Japanese translations. Two OBI versions.
1997 Warner WPCR-1802/4 Promotional (Compact Disc)
Commercial release with promo sticker on the OBI strip.


1998 Warner 4718253-00025/6/7 (Compact Disc)
The three CDs are available separately. The standard German manufactured discs (all numbered WEA 3984 21333 2) are enclosed in stiff paper sleeves and have an additional inlay containing the lyrics. The barcode numbers are the series 4718253-00025, -00026, and -00027 (each followed by a check digit), and the spines have 8705-1, -2, and -3.
1998 Warner 3984-21333-2 (Compact Disc)
Corresponding to the Japanese release this is also the German manufactured issue with an additional sticker on the front. In Taiwan some copies of this collection were sold without this sticker but with an additional VideoCD (Title: Love Potion No. 9).