The Enya Discography Editor

Only Time - The Collection
Collection 2002

A four disc set in a presentation box, including a 48 page booklet with liner notes by Roma Ryan. The tracks were selected by Enya, Nicky and Roma. It covers Enya's career from her 1987 debut album Enya through the 2002 single May It Be, and is limited to a worldwide release of 200,000. There is no previously unreleased material in the set, but many singles-only tracks. In addition to the computer playable video on disc four (BBC performance 25th December 1996), there is a screen-saver in the motif of the cover art and a slideshow of pictures from the booklet. Also, "Afer Ventus" is spelled correctly in the booklet notes, but misspelled "After Ventus" in the track listings.


2002 Warner 0927-49211-2 (Compact Disc)
2002 Warner PR 03645 Promotional (Compact Disc)
2002 Warner PR 03682 Promotional (Compact Disc)
The front printing states "Aus der neuen (From the new) 4 CD collection ONLY TIME". Some copies have also a promo sheet.


2002 Warner WPCR-11306-9 (Compact Disc)
Same as the German release but with an additional booklet in Japanese, in which "Afer Ventus" is spelled correctly.
2002 Warner PCS-594 Promotional (Compact Disc)
The rear insert states "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT FOR SALE". The yellow sticker on the front was added because of the delayed release date (9th of November instead of the original 2nd of November).


2002 Warner 0927-49211-2 Promotional (Compact Disc)
Identical to the commercial release, on the front is added a sticer with release date and further information.


2002 Reprise Records 2-49211 (Compact Disc)
2002 Reprise Records Reprise Promotional (Compact Disc)
4 CD-Rs in two 2-CD-boxes. No frontcover, the back cover shows the tracklists of the 2 CDs in the box. Released with a press sheet, on the back again the complete track list.
2002 Reprise Records PRCD 400069 Promotional (Compact Disc)
The track order is different from what is specified on the rear insert. Some have a sticker on the back of the case giving the track list order correctly as 8, 3, 4, 7, 9, 6, 10, 1, 2 and 5.