The Enya Discography Editor

Grammy Award EPK (Video)
Miscellaneous 2002

Issued to members of The Recording Academy and selected press to support Enya's nomination for a 2002 Grammy Award. She went on to win in the Best New Age Album category.


2002 Warner PRO-DVD-100824 Promotional (DVD-Video)
The tracklist is a follows: 01 Electronic Press Kit containing an extensive interview with Enya, which covers how she got into music and her musical influences; interviews with her music collaborators, including her first producer who explains how she was "discovered"; and a behind the scenes feature on the filming of the latest video (23:25). 02 CBS Sunday Morning interview with Enya from her castle in Ireland (10:20). This originally aired October 28, 2001, and an updated version aired June 22, 2002. 03 Performance of Only Time in the studio of Viacom's syndicated Entertainment Tonight show, November 22, 2001 (4:42). 04 Performance of Only Time on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, February 12, 2001 (3:58).