The Enya Discography Editor

Panasonic: Viera TV
Miscellaneous 2009

Track list 01 Sumiregusa (Screen format 4:3 plus commercial) 02 Sumiregusa (Screen format 16:9 plus commercial) 03 Sumiregusa (Screen format 16:9) Information Viera is a name for a TV set made by Panasonic introduced in 2004. To promote the tv set Panasonic asked Enya to write a song for it ("Sumiregusa" = Wild Violet). The DVD contains a video with that song (shot on the Isle of Skye), the running time of the video clip is 4:18, the commercial has a duration of 30 sec. The third track is missing the commercial, the first is in the screen format 4:3, the others 16:9. Each of the track is repeating endless like it is expected for an instore promo.


2004 Panasonic Promotional (DVD-Video)