The Enya Discography Editor

Interview Picture Disc
Interview 1990

This limited edition picture disc carries an interview between Enya and an anonymous journalist conducted sometime in mid-1989. Enya's background and the making of the Watermark album are the main topics. The recording is marred with restaurant-type background noise. The total running time is approximately 46:11. An extended version of the interview was released as In Conversation in 1997.


1990 Baktabak BAK 2152 (12" Vinyl)
The front cover has a large circular cut-out allowing the disc to be seen. Also available as a clock with the LP forming the clock face. Apparently through a manufacturing error or oversight, on some copies an approximately 6" wide by 1" deep segment of the bottom of the Side 2 picture was removed before being pressed beneath the grooved clear vinyl of the recording. The position of this cut away piece varies slightly, and is not always visible when the record is in its cover sleeve.