The Enya Discography Editor

Shepherd Moons
Paperwork 2009

From Shepherd Moons, for piano, vocal, and guitar: Shepherd Moons, Caribbean Blue, How Can I Keep from Singing?, Ebudæ, Angeles, No Holly For Miss Quinn, Book Of Days, Evacuee, Lothlórien, Marble Halls, Afer Ventus, Smaointe...


1991 Rittor Music ISBN 4-958537-10418-9 (Music Book)
Reprint of the UK reprint from IMP.


1991 Wise Publications ISBN 0-7119-2903-3 (Music Book)
1991 IMP ISBN 1-85909-286-1 (Music Book)
Reprint of the older Wise publication. Order No. 3100A


1991 Hal Leonard ISBN 0-73999-08133-6 (Music Book)
HL number HL00308133
2003 Hal Leonard HL00505513 (3,5" Computer Disc)
Played by Jarrod J. Radnich.