The Enya Discography Editor
title length composer producer lyricist
'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile (And I Leave My Home) 3:57EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
A Day Without Rain 2:38EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
A Moment Lost 3:08EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Adeste, Fideles 3:59TraditionalNicky RyanTraditional
Afer Ventus 4:05EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Aldebaran 3:05EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Amarantine 3:09EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Amid The Falling Snow 3:38EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
An Ghaoth Ón Ghrian (The solar Wind) 2:04EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
And Winter Came 3:15EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Angeles 3:57EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Aníron (I Desire) 2:44EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen) 1:37EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Anywhere Is 3:58EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
As Baile (Away from Home) 4:03EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Astra Et Luna 3:21EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Athair Ar Neamh 3:39EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Bard Dance 1:23EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Boadicea 3:30EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Book Of Days 2:56EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Caribbean Blue 3:58EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
China Roses 4:47EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Christmas Greeting 0:08EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Christmas Message from Enya 0:07EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Christmas Secrets 3:45EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Cursum Perficio 4:06EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Dan Y Dŵr (Beneath The Waters) 1:41EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Dark Sky Island 4:57EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Deireadh An Tuath (End Of The Tribe) 1:42EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Deora Ar Mo Chroí (Tears on my heart) 2:46EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Diamonds On The Water 3:35EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Dreams 3:38EnyaNicky RyanCharlie McGettigan
Dreams Are More Precious 4:25EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Drifting 4:11EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Ebudæ 1:54EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Echoes In Rain 3:35EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Eclipse 1:34EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Epona 1:36EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Evacuee 3:50EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Even In The Shadows 4:14EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Evening Falls… 3:46EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Exile 4:20EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Fairytale 3:02EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Fallen Embers 2:29EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Flora's Secret 4:05EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
From Where I Am 2:20EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Hope Has A Place 4:44EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
How Can I Keep From Singing? 4:32TraditionalNicky RyanTraditional
I Could Never Say Goodbye 3:30EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
I May Not Awaken 4:20EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
I Want Tomorrow 4:03EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
If I Could Be Where You Are 4:00EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Isobella 4:29EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
It's In The Rain 4:08EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Journey Of The Angels 4:47EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
La Soñadora 3:35EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Last Time By Moonlight 3:57EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Lazy Days 3:43EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Less Than A Pearl 3:44EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Long Long Journey 3:17EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Lothlórien 2:08EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Marble Halls 3:53TraditionalNicky RyanAlfred Bunn
March Of The Celts 3:15EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
May It Be 4:16EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Midnight Blue 2:04EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Miraculum 3:54EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Miss Clare Remembers 1:59EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Morning Glory 2:28EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
My! My! Time Flies! 3:02EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Na Laetha Geal M'Óige 3:54EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
No Holly For Miss Quinn 2:40EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 3:40TraditionalNicky RyanTraditional
Oíche Chiún 3:44TraditionalNicky RyanTraditional
On My Way Home 5:08EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
On Your Shore 3:59EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Once You Had Gold 3:16EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
One By One 3:53EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
One Toy Soldier 3:54EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Only If… 3:17EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Only Time 3:37EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Only Time (Remix) 3:34EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Oriel Window 2:22EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Orinoco Flow 4:25EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Paint The Sky With Stars 4:12EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Pale Grass Blue 3:34EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Pax Deorum 4:58EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Pilgrim 3:11EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Portrait (Out Of The Blue) 1:23EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Remember Your Smile 2:57EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
River 3:10EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Sancta Maria 3:51EnyaNicky RyanTraditional
Shepherd Moons 3:42EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Silver Inches 1:36EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Smaointe... 6:07EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
So I Could Find My Way 4:26EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Solace 3:58EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Someone Said Goodbye 4:02EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Song Of The Sandman (Lullaby) 3:40EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Stars and Midnight Blue 3:08EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Storms In Africa 4:03EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Storms In Africa (Part II) 3:01EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Sumiregusa (Wild violet) 4:42EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Tea-House Moon 2:41EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Tempus Vernum 2:24EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Celts 2:56EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Comb Of The Winds 3:39EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The First Of Autumn 3:09EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The Forge Of The Angels 5:14EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Frog Prince 3:15EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Humming 3:45EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Longships 3:36EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Loxian Gates 3:34EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Magic Of The Night 3:32EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Memory Of Trees 4:18EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The Promise 2:29EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The River Sings 2:49EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Spaghetti Western Theme from The Celts 1:57EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The Spirit Of Christmas Past 4:18EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
The Sun In The Stream 2:57EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
The Very Best Of Enya (Megamix) 2:00EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
To Go Beyond (I) 1:19EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
To Go Beyond (II) 2:58EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
Trains And Winter Rains 3:44EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Triad (St. Patrick, Cú Chulainn, Oisín) 4:23EnyaNicky RyanTraditional
Water Shows The Hidden Heart 4:39EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Watermark 2:24EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 3:41TraditionalNicky RyanTraditional
White Is In The Winter Night 3:00EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Wild Child 3:47EnyaNicky RyanRoma Ryan
Willows On The Water 3:01EnyaNicky RyanInstrumental

Total playtime: 7 hours 20 mins 58 secs