The Enya Discography Editor

Deireadh An Tuath (End Of The Tribe) by Enya

1:42 produced by Nicky Ryan lyrics by Roma Ryan


'Sí an ghealach, mall san oíche. 'Sí an ghrian. Fán liom go Deo. Hoireann is O Hi O Ho ra Ha. 'Sí na Samhna, tús na Bliain Ur. 'Sí an crann marbh. Deireadh an tuath. Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho. Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.


It is the Moon, late in the night. It is the Sun. Stay with me forever. It is Halloween, beginning of the New Year. It's the dead tree. End of the tribe
Except for the different language and lyric, this song and Dan Y Dŵr are nearly identical. Eclipse is a reversed and modified version of this song. A phonetic pronunciation: "Jer-oo ann too-ah".