The Enya Discography Editor
title year
Enya Special Sampler2009
Tsutaya Records: A Day Without Rain2009
Panasonic: Viera TV2009
SAF: Only Time (Remix)2009
Christmas Greeting2009
Enya (Photo)2009
White Is In The Winter Night2009
My! My! Time Flies!2009
Portrait Of Ireland2009
The memory Of Earth2009
Enya: Artist Legend2009
20th Anniversary2009
Dreams Are More Precious2009
The Magic Of The Night2009
Someone Said Goodbye2009
If I Could Be Where You Are2009
Holiday Sampler2009
Merry Christmas with Enya2009
Season's Greetings from Enya2009
The Best Of Enya2009
SHM-CD:Promo DVD2007
Interview CD2005
Enya- Interview LOTR2002
Grammy Award EPK (Video)2002
A Day Without Rain EPK (Video)2000
Best Of Enya1997
Paint The Sky With Stars (Video)1997
10th Anniversary1997
China Roses1995
The Memory Of Christmas1995